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Benefit from TIP’s international network

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Having an international network allows us to serve our customers well from anywhere. TIP is a pan-European and Canadian coast-to-coast business and we service our customers from more than 120 locations, with 6,000 maintenance points accessible throughout Europe and Canada.

Our network allows us to be different – we have a broad range of products and services that we can tailor to our customers’ needs whenever and wherever they need. We are well-connected and are able to offer the same global process, adapted for local execution.

Mutually beneficial relationships

Equipment and services providers can be key strategic partners that have a stake in your business objectives. Having a strong, positive relationship with your equipment provider enables you to uncover and realise new values.

A well-connected network between our locations allows us to better collaborate with all parties, leveraging the maximum out of a mutually beneficial relationship. Being connected across a multitude of locations means we have access to parts wherever you are, because you are always close enough to one or more of our suppliers. A strong supplier network also allows us to get the best pricing offer and provide our customers with the best offer based on their needs.

Constant market monitoring

Taking advantage of a strong international network helps keep you informed about your competition and challenges you to stay ahead of them. The more eyes your equipment services provider has scouting, checking and assessing, the higher chance it will give you precious insights and tailor-made services to add value to your business.

Thanks to our connections, we can explore and take advantage of business opportunities across Europe and Canada. We have arranged for partnerships, launched new products and been able to complete projects through the TIP network, helping to enhance our offering to our customers. Because we are constantly up to speed on what others in our network (peers or competitors) are up to, we get instant feedback on our strengths and areas for improvement to better serve customers.

Learning together

One of the biggest advantages of having a large and diverse network is that no matter what issue you are facing, someone within our circle has most probably faced something like that before. We rely on our network to share experiences, knowledge and best practices to keep a high level of expertise accessible anywhere. We can count on each other to lend a helping hand or ask their opinion and consider more options than if we tried to come up with the solution on our own.

Innovation at hand

An international network allows us to have access to information from across the world, to always provide customers with new technologies, new trends and new innovations.

Thanks to our network, we are not only constantly appraised of global opportunities, but we are also always in the loop within the industry.  It challenges us to think outside the box, to stay one step ahead of our competitors and to be committed to excellence.

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TIP is the leading provider of both equipment and services across more than 120 locations in Europe and Canada. We specialise in providing the transportation and logistics sector with leasingrentalmaintenance, and repairs through a wide selection of trailer equipment. Get in touch and benefit from our network!


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